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OPERR® is the perfect cloud software solution for any size taxi, limo, car service or non-emergency medical transportation provider for booking trips, dispatching vehicles, managing drivers and staying compliant with regulations.

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OPERR® System Features & Functions


NEW! 'Look-Back' Billing

Automatically create regulatory compliant billing documents...

Do you know how many trips you haven’t been paid for or have lost money due to underpayment by NEMT Brokers? OPERR’s Automated Billing module utilizes advanced technology to substantially reduce the loss from costly errors incurred during the billing process. The OPERR® Billing module also reduces staff workload and helps increase their accuracy, by automatically compiling billing documents, records and trip history.


Pre-Scheduling Module

Save time by letting the OPERR® algorhitm assign your trips to drivers...

The patent-pending OPERR® Pre-Scheduling module enables one dispatcher to easily process and assign thousands of trips to hundreds of drivers within minutes. OPERR® can also help reduce the workload on your operations by automatically pre-scheduling trip bookings and can help decrease the overall cost of having live on-site dispatchers and telephone operators.


Dispatching System

Some benefits of the dispatching system include:

OPERR® enables your business to quickly and easily view all drivers and trips so you can manage your fleet more efficiently. With OPERR®, a dispatcher can quickly dispatch trips for “Cash-Call” business through the “Instant Booking” panel within seconds. OPERR® allows for unprecedented levels of customization. This ensures both drivers and customers have the best possible user experience. OPERR® can help your drivers avoid confusion and delays by providing the most updated flight arrival & departure information


Regulatory Compliant

OPERR® automatically complies with regulations in it's operating market.

The OPERR® Legal Compliance module provides legal compliance for bases to avoid penalties and fines for improper or illegal dispatch. OPERR® sends alerts with important updated information related to your base, including but not limited to; Active or Inactive Drivers and Vehicles, Driver and/or Vehicle Base Changes, Changes to Drivers’ Licenses, Vehicle Registration and Insurance Expirations, Monthly TLC Reports.

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100% Guarantee

'Look-Back' Service Finds Recoverable Money!

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OPERR Service Bureau

Operr Service Bureau (OSB) is licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide billing service for third perties (Provider ID 05191346). Through our advanced technology. OSB can not only provide billing service for current billing data but can also "look-back" through previous billing data for invoice errors or underpayments that have cost you money. OSB will help identify and recover the overlooked billing funds. The following are examples of some recent client recoveries.

Client Date Ranges Recovered Trips
A 04/24/2017 - 12/31/2017 $8,204.36 93
B 04/24/2017 - 07/12/2018 $26,960.38 790
C 01/01/2018 - 05/02/2018 $167,173.71 4493
Total Recovered $202,338.45


Improving The Way Rides Are Booked & Dispatched

Ride Booking

The OPERR® apps for passengers and driver are both user-friendly with features designed to increase driver efficiency, performance, customer retention and profitability.

Vehicle Dispatching

The OPERR® Dispatching portal enables your dispatchers to quickly and easily view all your drivers and their trips to manage your fleet easily and efficiently.


OPERR’s management modules include billing tools, reports, legal compliance and much more to help you reduce you operating costs and impove performance.

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Smartphone Apps
For Drivers & Riders

The OPERR® apps are user-friendly (with patented features not found in other similar platforms) and designed to increase driver efficiency, performance, customer retention and profitability. Your base and affiliated drivers will generate additional revenue when customers book trips through the OPERR® app by splitting with OPERR® a substantial portion of the fares from each of the completed trips.

Our Innovative Dispatching Platform

Did you know that OPERR® is a leading provider of technological solutions to the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry? Our partnerships with bases licensed by the TLC, and alliances with NEMT brokers makes OPERR® one of the best technological solutions for NEMT on the market.

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Dispatch Portal

Using state-of-the-art technologies and the latest automation techniques, we designed OPERR® to be an easy-to-use platform. Your base, drivers and customers can be up and running quickly with minimal training and downtime. The OPERR® cloud-based platform does not require on-site hardware and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using most smart devices or desktop computers.

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  • 1
    A Ride Booking is Created

    The first part of the OPERR® system begins with the OPERR® Ride Booking mobile app for riders. Riders can use the app to create ride bookings, reserve future trips, create 'Favorite Drivers' lists and perform various account management tasks such as billing and personal preferences.

  • 2
    Dispatch Portal Processes Trip

    The trip booking then goes into the OPERR® Dispathing Portal where it gets assigned to a driver. This can be done manually or autoatically by the system. The system also uses this information to automatically create regulatory complaint invoices and billing documents based on the market it is in.

  • 3
    Driver Recieves Booking

    The driver which was assigned to the trip booking by the Dispatch Portal or requested by the customer then receives the trip data. The driver begins to make his way to the pickup location. Important details such as feedback, lateness and other details crucial to improving customer service is logged into the dispatching system.


Stay with your favorite!

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Websites For Clients

All clients and partner bases using the OPERR® system can take advatange of our complimentary business website offer. We can provide a beautiful, professional and most importantly a fully intergrated website that works with the dispatching portal and can take trip bookings, reservations and provide customer service to your passengers.

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Summary of Features & Functions

  • Instant Cash-Call Panel
  • NEMT Broker API Integration
  • Pre-scheduling for Batched Trips
  • Obtain Trips from Job Pool
  • Drag & Drop Trip Assignment
  • Flight Check
  • Real-time Map for Tracking Drivers
  • Work zone customization
  • Shift schedule Calendar
  • Dispatcher Chat Function
  • Lost & Found Processing
  • Web-Based Portal w/ No Hardware
  • Management of Group Accounts
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Drivers' & Customers' Favorites List
  • Drivers' & Customers' Preferred List
  • Drivers' & Customers' Block List
  • Auto-updates Phone Numbers
  • Billing Reports & Look Back Service
  • Insurance Renewal Alerts
  • Payment Management for Drivers
  • Driver Mobile Apps
  • Customer Mobile Apps
  • Transferring Trips Between Drivers
  • Disables Non-Compliant Drivers/Vehicles
  • TLC Report Compliance
  • Daily alerts for Driver Base Changes

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OPERR® App Screenshots


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Where can I download the app?

The OPERR® ride booking app can be downloaded and used on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems. Simply click the button below for your version.

*To download for iPhone you must have account with Apple's app store.

13030 31 Avenue #8Fl, Flushing, NY 11354