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Sales & Marketing Team

Member of our management teams have firsthand experience with the transportation industry (including NEMT)
and are intimately familiar with the challenges of day-to-day transportation.


Fiona Roberts

Marketing Manager

Ms.Roberts is responsible for managing the marketing and worldwide sales of the company's software products, as well as managing the sales team. Ms.Roberts is one of our most senior team members and is known for working hard and helping to move the company forward over the years.


Aron Kiperman

IT Help Desk Supervisor

Works directly under the CEO to handle all of the company's IT Support operations. Mr.Kiperman's 12 years of experience in the industry and a background as a veteran of the U.S. NAVY, quickly made him one of the most trusted and responsible members of the OPERR® team.


William Rodriguez

Supervisor of Sales

Mr.Rodriguez is a bright and dynamic member of the sales and marketing teams. He works directly with potential company clients as well as existing ones to ensure that our platform meets and exceeds our clients' needs. He also works with clients to tailor their improvement suggestions to the system.