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A New Way to Ride

The OPERR® Ride Booking App enables anyone to book a car or van with just a few screen taps, all without the need for cash. Anyone can use our new on-demand transportation network to find professional, reliable and dependable drivers. With our industry disruptive "Favorite Drivers" feature, you can choose to re-book a driver you trust or simply whose company you enjoy. OPERR® enables for anyone to turn an average driver into your personal chauffeur.

Stay with your favorite driver!

Create Favorite Drivers

By letting you put good drivers on a ‘Favorites List’ and enabling you to request them as your drivers again, drivers strive to provide better service. Plus it lets you turn an average driver into your personal chauffeur.

Avoid Surge Prices

We have several ways to avoid surge pricing. You can simply pre-schedule your trip ahead of time, have a fare negotiation with a driver on your 'Favorite Drivers' list or use a promotional code to get an additional discount for your trip.

Flexible Payment Options

Create bookings and get to where you need to go on-time and in comfort without needing to use cash. You can even avoid the akwardness when the ride is finished, because we let you tip your driver directly in-app.


Avoid headaches and potential delays by creating your trip bookings ahead of time. Our Pre-Scheduling module lets you schedule a series of rides into the near-future, saving you both time and money.

So Many Vehicle Choices

No matter what the occasion, we have the perfect vehicle for you. From your standard sedan to much bigger and spacious Vans & SUVs, OPERR® can provide the perfect vehicle at the perfect time. Our vehicles fleet is ADA compliant and can even support wheelchair-bound individuals.

Drive with OPERR®

We provide drivers a revolutionary new platform to develop a stable and continuous business. We put the control back into the driver's hands with our on-demand transportation platform. Drivers develop mutual driver and passenger 'Favorites' lists to build repeat clients through more personal driver & passenger relationships.

Stay with your favorite customer!

Revenue Analytics

See the fruits of your labor in real-time. Know exactly what you are earning right within the OPERR® Driver's App. You can even see potential earnings for uncompleted pre-scheduled, as well the completed trips.

Pre-Schedule Future Trips

Drivers can set a series of rules and parameters by which to filter incoming trip requests. Based on those parameters, OPERR® will automatically decline trips or accept and schedule those trips automatically.

Driver Safety

Have you ever had trouble with a customer? Do you want to avoid future confrontations? OPERR® doesn't force drivers to work bookings that jeopardize their comfort, profitability or safety, with our 'Blacklist' feature.

Maximize Your Efficiency

Drivers can set their preferred work schedules with ease. Specify everything from the time you start to the area you work. The OPERR® system will even allow you to set areas you want to avoid to maximize profitability.


Account Web-Portals

The OPERR® On-Demand Transportation network provides web-based account portals for everyone! Riders can keep track of their trip history as well as monitor expenses, schedule future or on-demand bookings, etc. Drivers can check their earnings reports, trip history and update their documentation and information.

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Becoming a Driver

Everything you need to know about becoming a driver on the OPERR Transportation platform can be found in this easy to understand section. From everything pre-requisite to all the guidelines and regulations you need to know before you start.
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The Driver's Guide

We know everyone who drives for OPERR always strives to be a better driver for their customers. Our platform operates on this aspect. So we put together a nifty little guide to help you offer a more competitive service and build up your repeat business.
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Before You Start

If you have had all your paperwork completed and approved but are still unsure of what to do next, this quick and easy guide will help point you in the right direction. This will explain how to prepare your vehicle to comply with TLC regulations.
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All About Safety

At OPERR we are serious about safety, the driver's safety and every single rider that uses one of our OPERR dispatched cars. Please read this guide and help create a safe transportation network for all of our riders and everyone on the road.
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Intelligent Dispatching

OPERR® transportation software applications provide a simple and groundbreaking new platform to unify existing taxicab, car service or other transportation providers together. Enabling them to offer their services to a broader market and compete against the already existing transportation network companies.

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Stay with your favorite!

Built for Automation

Whether you have one or more dispatch bases, OPERR® can re-energize your operation. Our automation features help reduce overall operating costs for most transportation businesses (on average) by 50% all across the board (or more).

Automated Pre-Scheduling

Reduce the workload on your dispatch staff by automatically pre-scheduling trip bookings. Our patented Pre-Scheduling module lets you schedule rides for future dates, saving time & money.

Built-in Legal Compliance

OPERR® was built with different markets in mind. The dispatch modules comply with different laws which vary region to region. OPERR® will automatically generate regulatory material and other documents, specific to the region.

Auto-Compile Billing Docs

The OPERR® system reduces billing staff workload by up to 75% by automatically compiling billing documents, records and trip histories and output them based on market specific regulatory guidelines.

Save up to 50%

or more in total operating costs

75% Reduction

in required on-site dispatch staff

A.I. Phone System

The OPERR® Software package for vehicle dispatch bases comes complete with a superb & intelligent office phone system that can automatically route calls based on a live booking status or previous booking activity. The system reduces the workload not only on the dispatchers but the incoming callers as well, by reducing the amount of telephone menu hops a caller has to make before being connected to the appropriate type of help.