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NEMT Medicaid non emergency medical transportation software for dispatching

taxi booking app for nemt

Driver's Mobile App

Our innovative system is designed with drivers in mind. Our Driver App enables drivers to accept and work incoming or pre-scheduled jobs. Drivers can create repeat business for themselves by utlizing our favorites feauture. Drivers can even accept tips directly in app.

Dispatching System

The OPERR Dispatch Portal is a groundbreaking dispatching system that is able to integrate into any traditional car service or taxi transportation business. OPERR automation is able to reduce transportation operating costs by as much as 50% and increase operating efficiency across the board.

Ride Booking App

The OPERR Ride Booking App is available for Android & iOS and enables anyone to book their preferred transport option with a few screen taps, all without cash. Passengers can use our 'Favorites' feature to request drivers they like for extra peace of mind and comfort.

OPERR for N.E.M.T.

The OPERR Software System is perfect for the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation industry, otherwise known as NEMT. Inefficiencies in NEMT business cost transportation providers millions. OPERR helps eliminate these problems with its automation and compliance features. OPERR can take a booking, create a trip, assign a driver, update the customer, deliver them to their medical appointment, compile supporting documents and make sure their format is compliant to Medicaid or insurance company regulations. OPERR will output everything for your billing department with a couple of simple clicks.  For more updates on OPERR Technologies and our non-emergency medical transportation dispatch software visit the OPERR Company Blog.

OPERR On-Demand Transportation Apps

Ride Booking & Driver Dispatching

The OPERR Transportation Software System helps streamline transportation operations by giving the passengers the power and convenience of having on-demand transportation a few screen taps away. Our apps can even enable them to create transportation job requests for future dates. Drivers can then accept those bookings and work them. The whole system is self regulating, with a mutual ratings system for drivers and passengers, as well as favorites lists that keep both parties honest. This OPERR model keeps drivers incentivized to provide better customer service. This creates a feedback loop, whereas customers are now also incentivized, to put the good drivers on their favorite lists for their own comfort, peace of mind and even lower negotiated rates.

Taxi Booking App

  • Car & taxi booking apps
  • Efficient & flexible trip scheduling
  • In-app fare calculations
  • Fully ADA compliant taxi app
  • No cash needed to book a cab
  • Tip drivers directly from OPERR app
  • Rate your driver & car condition
  • Favorites lists for recurring trips
  • Set preferred drivers & vehicles
  • Full 24/7 Tech Support
  • Available for iOS & Android

Driver Work Portal

  • NEW! Accept tips directly with app
  • Efficient and flexible trip scheduling
  • Group several pickups into route
  • Choose which jobs to accept
  • Mapping & GPS navigation
  • Real-time earnings statistics
  • Lists available jobs open for bid
  • Automatic fare collection
  • Sends automatic alerts to passenger
  • Full 24/7 Tech Support
  • Available for iOS & Android

The OPERR Web-Based Dispatch Portal


The system can also be used to generate billing reports as well as look up any detail pertaining to trip histories. The OPERR system will even verify the validity of a driver's TLC license and will notify and disable driver profiles which are not in good standing with the Taxi & Limousine Commission. The OPERR system performs this check twice a day to make sure that your company's drivers are all fully compliant with the TLC. Let OPERR help streamline your transportation operations. Contact us to speak with a dispatch integration expert for more information.

  • Custom corporate branding packages available
  • Supports multiple company branches & locations
  • Compliant with different bylaws in various cities
  • Create multiple vehicle types w/ custom fares
  • Bulk import of pre-scheduled pickup manifests
  • Makes medicaid transportation billing much easier
  • Verifies driver eligibility and taxi license validity
  • Generates precise & powerful custom reports
  • Perform driver payroll from Dispatch Portal
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